Special Episode

Expert Views on Safety Theories

This is a special episode exploring alternative approaches to Workplace Safety. Over the last decade, numerous emerging Safety theories have gained traction, but they continue to cause debate and confusion across the profession. We’ve compiled this collection of expert views to help Safety practitioners clarify the best way for their organizations to practice Safety.

In This Episode

In this episode, we’re conducting a thorough investigation of the different theories and frameworks Safety professionals can adopt to keep their co-workers safe.

There’s been a palpable shift in attitudes towards workplace safety over recent years, with multiple more-human-centred approaches emerging. But their key differences and relative effectiveness often polarize the safety profession.

We’ve compiled a collection of clips from 16 of our previous guests to help define the the different approaches, including:

  • Safety Differently
  • New View Safety
  • Human and Organizational Performance (HOP)
  • Critical Risk Management
  • High-Reliability Organization (HRO) framework
  • Behavior-Based Safety

And also bring some clarity to the ongoing debate about which philosophy is best.

Featured guests (in order of appearance):

Pam Walaski (Episode 66): Changing attitudes to Safety

Josh Bryant (Episode 26): The 3 key principles of Safety Differently

Moni Hogg (Episode 39): Defining New View Safety?

Andrea Baker (Episode 13): An understanding of what Human and Organizational Performance (HOP) means

Bob Edwards (Episode 53): Does HOP lack accountability?

Stephen Scott (Episode 28): Adopting Critical Risk Management

Jodi Goodall (Episode 67): The High-Reliability Organization (HRO) framework

Clive Lloyd (Episode 44): The problem with Behavior-Based Safety

Murray Ritchie (Episode 72): In defense of Behavior-Based Safety

Tim D’Ath (Episode 61): An alternative to Behavior-Based Safety

Andrea Baker (Episode 13): Comparing Safety Theories

Elisa Lynch (Episode 14): New View versus traditional Safety

James MacPherson (Episode 64): Bickering over Safety labels

Carsten Busch (Episode 76): Is there an ideal blend of Safety approaches?

Dr Linda Martin (Episode 22): The problem with Safety theory

Elisa Lynch (Episode 14): Are Safety approaches debates helpful?

Murray Ritchie (Episode 72): Get rid of the Safety labels

Dr Todd Loushine (Episode 74): Welcoming Safety ideas

Sam Goodman (Episode 27): Respecting our Safety predecessors

Pam Walaski (Episode 66): Safety evolution


Special Episode